The requirements of partnerships are distinctly different from those of limited companies or sole traders. Not only this, they also differ, often significantly, between partnerships in different industries.

Our proven and effective Business Partnership Services make it necessary for us to learn all we can about your business right from the start of our engagement. By getting together with you/ your partner and working closely with you every step along the way, we can:

  • Assess your situation and immediate needs
  • Identify potentially existing problems and work on finding possible answers
  • Identify growth opportunities and how to optimise their potential

The partnership services we provide may consist of anything from guidance through the legal minefield of creating a partnership to preparing individual and partnership tax returns, year end accounts and/ or financial statements. Naturally, we also offer advice and assistance with:

  • Business management and planning
  • Book-keeping/ payroll outsourcing
  • Secretarial requirements
  • I.T. and/ or accounting software

For partnerships with employees, we can also assist with the legal rights and responsibilities of both employers and employees, as well as:

  • Preparation of forms P11D and P11D(b) (benefits/ expenses return)
  • Preparation of forms P60, monthly and year end reports for employers and more

Whatever your requirements may be, our work will be conducted with the goal to add value to your partnership at all times.

Whatever your need, whatever the size of your company, our team of accountants and business advisers are here to help you. To arrange a meeting, please call 01784 255 402.