Considering the benefits of limited liability trading in combination with the current rates of corporation tax, this is a good time for many partnerships and sole traders to consider incorporation of their businesses.

Limited company formation is a process littered with a myriad of legal requirements and ramifications. Enlisting adequate professional help is subsequently highly recommended.

We not only have the ability to form your limited company, but can also:

  • Set up company payroll schemes
  • Assist in obtaining VAT registration/ preparing VAT returns
  • Advise on/ assist with ongoing accounting requirements
  • Advise on/ assist with individual and corporate tax matters
  • Provide ongoing I.T. support and more

Limited companies are required to provide a registered office address. We offer you the opportunity to use the address of our business as your limited company’s registered office address. Provided free of charge, this service enables you to make the transition easily and without the need to find/ pay for suitable premises.

Once your limited company has been formed, we can also provide professional, pro-active advice on matters of business planning, management and more.

Whatever your need, whatever the size of your company, our team of accountants and business advisers are here to help you. To arrange a meeting, please call 01784 255 402.